BrakesLet’s face it – your brakes are the number one most important safety feature found in your vehicle. Solely responsible for slowing and stopping your moving vehicle, your car’s brakes need to be kept up and maintained to ensure the safety of you and your passengers. Having a well-maintained braking system comes with upkeep on your scheduled maintenance, so if your vehicle needs that maintenance, or even brake repair or replacement, bring it to the ASE-Certified technicians at Young Automotive in Sturgeon Bay, WI. We are the #1 Brake Service Sturgeon choice!

Brakes Repair & Service

Keeping your braking system in working order can only come with scheduled preventative maintenance. Your car’s braking system is made up of a few different parts – the caliper, a rotor, and a set of brake pads or brake shoes. As the braking system slows and stops the car, the pads and shoes are subject to wear, which means they will eventually require replacements. Failing to replace the pads or shoes in a timely manner can result in extra stress placed on the rotor, which can lead to not just an expensive repair bill, but also possible complete brake failure. Check your car’s owners manual to see what is recommended for your brakes. If you can’t remember when the last time you had your brakes serviced, you are probably long past due. Bring it in today!

Brake Service Sturgeon, WI

If you haven’t kept up with the regular brake service on your vehicle, you might be in need of brake repair. When the parts of your braking system take undue wear, they can break down. Your car has a few methods of letting you know your brakes need repair. If you notice any of the following, you’ll want to bring it in right away:

  • More pressure is necessary to slow the vehicle
  • Brakes vibrate while in use
  • Brakes grind when not in use
  • Brakes squeak when used

Continuing to drive on worn brake pads or a braking system in need of repair is never a good – or safe – idea. Don’t let yourself and your car become a statistic; get your brakes repaired today at Young Automotive.

Brake Repair & Brake Service Sturgeon

Whether you need a partner in keeping up with your brake preventative maintenance or you are noticing the above signs and are in need of emergency brake repair, Young Automotive in Sturgeon Bay, WI, is the ASE-Certified brake experts. And you know the job will be done right the first time, every time with our 3 years/36k mile nationwide warranty on all parts and services performed. Make an appointment with us today!

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