Does Your Car Have an Electrical Problem?

Probably the biggest sign that you’re likely to notice when your car is having electrical issues is when the car doesn’t start up at all. But there are other signs that you might spot before this happens, and Young Automotive wants you to be as prepared as possible.

The Battery Isn’t Looking Great

One big part of the electrical system that you can inspect yourself is the battery. It helps if you know what the battery is supposed to look like and what it looks like when there’s a problem. The battery casing should be squared off, with no bulges or cracks anywhere. The posts at the top of the battery should be clean, with no corrosion. If you see fluid on the battery or smell something that smells like sulfur, that means the battery likely has a leak.

Lights Don’t Seem to Work Properly

At some stage of electrical difficulties you’re very likely to notice that the lights, both interior and exterior, don’t seem to work as well any longer. They may seem dimmer than usual or they might even flicker. These signs are clues that let you know that the lights aren’t getting the power that they need.

Anything That Plugs in Doesn’t Work

When you plug something into the accessory power slot, you expect that item to function, right? If your car is having electrical problems, that might not happen. At first it’s easy to blame whatever you’re plugging in. And sometimes that’s the case. But if that component works elsewhere and not when you plug it in any of your car’s power receptacles, the problem might be electrical.

You Smell Something Hot or Burning When the Car Is On

Electrical issues can have a certain smell to them, especially if the situation is one in which insulation or wiring are getting way too hot or are actually melting. If you do smell something that’s hot or that smells as if something is burning, that’s a huge warning sign that you need to heed. It means that you need to turn the car off and have the electrical system inspected before you try to operate the car again.

Young Automotive in Sturgeon Bay, WI can help you to troubleshoot your car’s electrical issues quickly and professionally. We’ll thoroughly diagnose the problem and let you know what needs to happen in order to get your car running perfectly again.

Photo by PointImages from Getty Images Signature via Canva Pro

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