Five Ways to Reduce Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is all too prevalent in today’s world. It’s also an avoidable issue that you should be taking great pains to address in your own driving habits. These tips from Young Automotive can help you to be safer on the road.

Don’t Do Anything Complicated While Driving

Anything more complicated than actually driving while you’re supposed to be driving your car is really a bad idea. There’s no reason to be finding the exact right radio station or trying to figure out a brand-new GPS system while you’re actually on the road. Save all of that for some other time or pull over.

Avoid Food and Drink While Driving

Lots of folks eat and drink while driving and while that’s not illegal in most places, it’s also not the best idea. It’s far better to pull over and take your time eating. If you’re trying to eat while driving, you’re way more likely to be distracted by dropped food or other issues related to your meal. Just pull over.

Adjust Seats, Mirrors, and More Before You Start the Car

Even if you are the only person who drives your car, sometimes seats or mirrors need to be adjusted to help you to see properly. That’s something you should check out when you get in the car instead of starting the car and taking off. Adjusting those items while you’re driving is incredibly distracting and can lead directly to a wreck.

Don’t Use Your Phone While Driving

Phones make life safer and more interesting on a lot of levels, but they also make driving more dangerous at times. If a phone call or text message is urgent, you should pull over and stop the car safely before dealing with it. Never use your phone while you’re driving. That’s a surefire distraction that can lead to serious consequences.

Be Smart on the Road

The bottom line with distracted driving is that you need to use common sense. If you’re too tired to stay awake while driving, that’s a distraction and you need to wait until you’re rested enough to safely drive. Don’t force yourself to drive when you know that you shouldn’t.

Young Automotive in Sturgeon Bay, WI wants you to be a safe driver, and that means also keeping up with scheduled maintenance and necessary repairs. We can help you with all of that and more. Give us a call today to set up an appointment.

Photo by Hassan OUAJBIR from Pexels via Canva Pro

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