Four Consequences to Expect if You Don’t Get Your Car’s Oil Changed

When you’re busy it’s not always easy to keep up with routine tasks like oil changes. That’s not a situation that can imminently cause huge problems unless you keep letting oil changes slide. Here’s what Young Automotive wants you to be aware of when you’re getting behind on some routine maintenance.

Your Car’s Engine Works Harder than it Should

The worst problem that arises from avoiding oil changes is that you’re forcing the engine to work harder and harder the longer you go in between oil changes. Because oil helps to keep the engine clean and lubricated, you need to have oil circulating that is able to stand up to the job. The older engine oil gets, the tougher it is for the oil to keep up with the needs of the engine.

Gas Mileage Gets Worse

Lots of factors can affect your car’s gas mileage, but if the engine is forced to work too hard that’s definitely going to be a big reason for worse mileage. Oil changes factor in because the oil helps to keep your engine running efficiently. An inefficient engine burns more gas to get the same results, which is where you start to see a decrease in fuel mileage.

The Engine Might Even Overheat

So now your car’s engine is working harder to do the same job and your gas mileage is tanking. Oil levels might even be lower than they should be, because as it ages, engine oil breaks down and it gets thicker. All of that can lead to the engine running hotter than it usually does, and if the cooling system and engine oil can’t keep up with that increase in temperature you’ll see the engine getting close to overheating or actually doing so.

Eventually Engine Damage Occurs

The longer it takes you to get your car’s oil changed, the more damage gets done to the engine itself. The damage isn’t catastrophic all at once, of course, but it certainly builds up. And over the span of too much time, your car’s engine can’t recover even if you do start to take a more proactive approach to oil changes.

Getting back into the routine of getting oil changes as often as you should helps to protect your car’s engine. Don’t feel bad if it’s been a while. Young Automotive in Sturgeon Bay, WI can help you to get back on track and let you know if there’s anything else going on with your car’s engine.

Photo by Ake Ngiamsanguan from Getty Images Pro via Canva Pro

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