Four Hints Your Car’s Exhaust Needs Help

Your car’s exhaust system does more than just funnel smoke out of the engine. It’s a big part of keeping your car’s engine running smoothly. Young Automotive has this advice for signs you can look for if you suspect there’s something going wrong in your car’s exhaust.

The Exhaust Is Stinkier Than Usual

Car exhaust isn’t exactly roses and cherry blossoms, but you know what it typically smells like for your car. If you’re smelling extra stinky exhaust fumes, that means that something in your exhaust system isn’t functioning the way that it’s supposed to. There are a variety of different parts that work hard to take the really toxic gases produced by your car’s engine and turn them into far less toxic versions. If they’re failing, your exhaust will show it.

It’s Also Louder Than Usual

Your car’s exhaust system is supposed to help tone down some of the noise from your car’s engine. Combustion can get pretty loud, after all. But when various parts of the exhaust system aren’t working right, they can’t do much to diminish the sounds coming out of your car’s engine. You might notice this hint before you notice some of the others.

Performance Has Gone Downhill

When you tap the gas in your car, you expect that your car will respond. Exhaust issues seriously impact your car’s performance. That’s a surprise to a lot of car owners, but it’s true. Your car’s onboard computer uses sensors in the exhaust system to carefully calibrate fuel and air mixtures, which is necessary for combustion. If any of those sensors fail or if the exhaust is not funneling properly out of the cylinders, you’re likely to see performance decrease significantly.

And So Has Your Gas Mileage

Likewise, your gas mileage is going to suffer. Because your car’s onboard computer is calibrating fuel to mix with air, putting too much or too little fuel is going to make your car’s engine work too hard. That causes it to ultimately use fuel inefficiently, which tanks your gas mileage in a big way. Correcting exhaust issues can improve both performance and mileage concerns.

Your exhaust issues don’t have to keep haunting you. Give us a call at Young Automotive in Sturgeon Bay, WI. We’ll set up an appointment and get your exhaust worries resolved. If there’s anything else contributing to the problem, our expert diagnosticians will help you to understand what’s going on.

Photo by Rasulovs from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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