Get Ready For Summer With A Quick Auto Check-Up

It might seem like a little ways off still, but summer is right around the corner. And what does summer bring? Family time, outdoor adventures, and more than anything, long, exciting road trips! No matter what you decide to do this summer, you are going to need a reliable vehicle to get you there and back. That’s where the experts at Young Automotive come in. Before the weather gets too hot and the call of the open road becomes irresistible, we can check your entire vehicle to make sure it is in working order for the months – and fun – ahead.

We’ll Check Your AC

Your car’s AC might be more consequential to your summer fun then you might think. Imagine for a minute piling the entire family back into the car after a day at the pool or the beach. Everyone is hto from baking in the sun all afternoon, you turn on the car, and the vents will only blow air that seems hotter than the air outside the vehicle. You’ve got a real problem on your hands when the only way to get cool is by rolling down the windows and driving fast. Not much of a solution on a hot day, right? Instead of facing this possibility, let our team take a look at your AC while the weather is still mild. We will check your hoses for leaks, your fans and components for weaknesses and we will make sure you have enough refrigerant to keep your system humming all summer long. Don’t get stuck in the hot – let our team inspect your AC before its too late!

We Will Check Your Brakes

More than any other part of your vehicle, your car’s brakes keep you safe while you are out there on the roads. No summer road trip or adventure is going to go well in a car with braking problems, so why not get them checked before you hit the road? If you’ve heard noises like squealing or screeching from your car’s brakes, you are probably in need of new brake pads or shoes. If you let these components wear too much, you could be looking at severe and expensive damage, not to mention the possibility of brake failure. Before that happens, let us take a look!

Make An Appointment

At Young Automotive in Sturgeon Bay, WI, we ant everyone to have a safe and happy summer on the road. That starts with a quick auto check-up, so make an appointment today!


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