Have You Skipped an Oil Change?

There’s no shame in going a little bit too long between oil changes. Everybody’s lives are full of obligations. But Young Automotive wants to help you to understand what going without an oil change for too long can do to your car’s engine.

Your Car Sounds Like it’s Running Rough

You know your car and how it sounds, because you are the one driving it all the time. So, when it starts to sound different to you, there’s probably a reason. Cars that are overdue for an oil change can start to sound a lot rougher as the engine runs, because the engine doesn’t have as much lubrication as it needs to run properly. You’ll notice that it sounds much smoother after an oil change.

The Gas Mileage Is Terrible

When your car’s engine isn’t getting everything that it needs, one of the first signs of trouble can be your gas mileage. In the case of missed oil changes, that means that your car’s engine doesn’t have all the lubrication and cooling power it needs because of older oil. That causes it to have more trouble with fuel efficiency, hence the bad gas mileage.

You’ve Got More Exhaust Smoke 

Unless it’s really cold out, you probably don’t notice much exhaust smoke coming from your car’s tailpipe, and that’s good news. That means that your car’s exhaust system is doing its job. If you’ve skipped an oil change or two, you already know that causes your car’s engine to be inefficient with fuel, and that can translate not just to bad gas mileage but also to an increase in exhaust smoke.

One or More Dashboard Warning Lights Are On

Some cars have an oil light while others rely on the check engine light to account for oil system issues, too. Regardless, if you’ve got one or more dashboard warning lights on, that means you need to pay attention. It’s possible that simply getting an oil change will resolve the issue. But it could also be possible that you’ve got some engine damage, especially if it’s been way too long since your last oil change.

Getting your car’s oil changed regularly ultimately saves you time and money because you’re not stranded on the side of the road with an expensive engine replacement on the horizon. Contact Young Automotive in Sturgeon Bay, WI today if you need an oil change and we’ll be happy to handle that for you as quickly and as professionally as possible.


Photo by DustyPixel from Getty Images Signature via Canva Pro

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