How Can You Tell You Need Your Transmission Inspected?

Being able to recognize transmission trouble is really important. Transmission issues are a big problem and if you wait too long to have your transmission inspected, you might not be able to save it. Here’s what Young Automotive wants you to know.

The Transmission Just Feels Off or Unresponsive

Often a car owner doesn’t necessarily know exactly what’s wrong with the transmission, but they do know that the transmission just doesn’t feel right. If that describes where you’re at with your car’s transmission, don’t feel bad. What you’re likely experiencing is that the transmission is hesitating or slipping gears. At first, that can be subtle. As the transmission experiences more damage, the issues you’re experiencing will become more pronounced. The transmission might cause the car to jolt forward, for instance, which is when you’re most likely to recognize that there’s something bigger going on.

The Transmission Is Noisy

Most of the time your car’s transmission is something you probably don’t hear much from as you’re driving. As the transmission starts to fail or to experience issues, it might get louder. You could hear whining or squealing sounds. Another type of sound you might hear could include grinding or clunking sounds. Those are more likely to happen as the car tries and fails to shift gears in the transmission. The louder the noise, the more likely you are to have a lot more damage.

You’ve Spotted a Transmission Fluid Leak

You might not think that a transmission fluid leak is really that big a deal, but it is. Transmission fluid is sealed within the transmission, keeping it cool and lubricated. You don’t have to have the fluid swapped out all that often, either. When you do spot a leak, this can mean that there’s a hole somewhere or that a seal somewhere in the transmission has failed. All of this is bad news because your transmission is made up of a ton of moving parts. If those parts aren’t getting lubricated and cooled the way that they need to be, the transmission is going to fail very quickly. Spotting a leak means that you need to get your transmission checked right away.

If you think you’ve got a transmission issue, don’t wait to get help. Young Automotive in Sturgeon Bay, WI can inspect your car’s transmission for you and help you to put a plan together to resolve whatever is going on. 

Photo by 1101bytes from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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