Is it the Battery?

If you’re having trouble starting your car or you’re noticing other problems, you might want to check your car’s battery. Young Automotive wants you to know that the battery can have more of an effect on your car than you might think. Here’s what you need to know.

How Old Is Your Car’s Battery?

Age is a much bigger deal when it comes to batteries than most car owners realize. The average car battery has a lifespan of about four or five years, and that’s if the battery hasn’t been exposed to damage or to excessive heat or cold. That means that even at about three years old, your car’s battery may start to show signs of trouble. That’s especially the case if you’ve done things in the past that have run it down to the point it needed jumpstarting or a new charge.

Does Anything Seem Weird about the Battery?

It’s really important to look at your car battery every once in a while. That’s easier to do when you’re poking around under the hood doing other maintenance tasks, like checking your oil and your coolant levels. Does the case look solid? Are there cracks? Do you smell rotten egg smells around the battery? These are all important details to note.

What Happens When You Try to Start the Car?

When you go to start the car, it should start right up with little to no delay at all. If you’re finding that it’s taking you two or three attempts to get the car started, the issue could be with your car’s battery or even with the alternator. That’s a big warning sign that you really cannot afford to ignore.

Don’t Ignore the Problem

That’s the biggest message here, really. If you’re noticing that there’s anything different about your car’s battery, it’s crucial that you don’t ignore what you’re seeing. Get the battery inspected and make sure that the rest of the electrical system is also functioning properly. It’s worth the extra effort to make sure that you don’t end up stranded somewhere with a dead battery and no way to get where you need to go.

Young Automotive in Sturgeon Bay, WI is happy to inspect your car’s battery for you. We’ll test the battery, the alternator, and the rest of the electrical system to make sure that you’ve got the full scope of the situation. From there, we can recommend the right repairs to keep you safe on the road.

Photo by SARINYAPINNGAM from Getty Images Pro via Canva Pro

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