Signs My Car Battery Is Running Out of Juice

You may not realize this, but you will only get about three or four years out of your car’s battery. After this time, it will run out of juice and you will need to replace it. We can do that here at Young Automotive. We are going to list the signs that your battery is dying below so you know what to look for in your automobile.

Battery Light

You have a battery light on the dashboard for this reason. When the battery starts to go bad, the engine control module will turn on the battery light to let you know there’s a problem. It’s a good idea to head straight to our shop if the battery light comes on. This prevents you from getting stranded with a dead battery the next time you try to start your engine.

Difficult Starts

Speaking of starting your engine, it will get difficult to do just that if the battery is dying. Instead of cranking just once or twice, the engine will crank several times before it fires up. If the battery has lost all of its juice, the engine won’t fire up at all.

Electrical Issues

The battery does more than help your car engine start. It also supplies power to the electrical components. Consequently, if the battery is running out of juice, your components will slow down and malfunction. For example, your entertainment system may turn off by itself.

Corroded Terminals

If you suspect that your battery is going bad, inspect it. Take a good look at the terminals and cables to make sure they are not corroded. If they are, you need to replace your battery because it is leaking battery acid. Even if you clean the terminals, this will not stop the battery from leaking.

Rotten Egg Smells

In fact, when the battery leaks acid, it gets surrounded by an odor that resembles rotten eggs. This is the smell of sulfuric acid, which is the acid that is inside your battery. This acid interacts with the lead cells to generate power.

Warped Battery Case

If there is something wrong with the interaction, which is called a chemical reaction, your battery case may warp. It may also bubble or crack. If the battery case is misshapen in any way, you need to have your battery replaced right away.

Again, we can do that here at Young Automotive in Sturgeon Bay, WI, so give us a call today for a service appointment.

Photo by J33P3l2 from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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