What’s Out to Get Your Tires?

If you’re trying to help your tires to live a longer life, you need to know what the obstacles are to that goal. Young Automotive has these tips for spotting the road hazards that are out to get your tires so that you can avoid as many of them as possible.

Road Debris

Road debris covers a lot of ground, really. It can be pieces of the road itself, rocks, gravel, and even things that you would hope would never be in the road, like metal bits. All of that is tough to see, too, and there’s no way you could avoid all of it. And all of that does a little bit of chewing away at your tire treads, every time that you drive.


Potholes are a special type of road debris. They’re a menace on the road for everyone and you might not even see the pothole until it’s too late. The big problem with potholes, besides the jolt they give you, is that they tend to collect all manner of road debris. And if you hit potholes too fast, you can definitely do a lot of damage to your tires.


Curbs are definitely not friends with your tires. If you rub up against a curb, you run the risk of damaging the sidewall. Enough scuffs on the side of your tires can weaken that area and that shortens the life of your tires dramatically. But it’s not just those sideswipes that can hurt your tires. Bumping into curbs or parking stops head-on can also do some damage to the tread.

You and Your Driving Habits

You might be surprised that you and your driving habits make this list at all. But it’s true. If you’re a speedy driver who likes to stop on a dime, that is affecting your tires far more than you realize. How you take a corner matters because your tires still maintain contact with the road. So, if you’re trying to keep your tires for as long as possible, you need to be a little gentler on them. It’s also important that you’re doing all you can to maintain them, like getting them rotated and balanced when necessary.

Need help with tire maintenance? Young Automotive in Sturgeon Bay, WI is happy to help you keep your tires in great condition. We handle balancing, rotation, wheel alignments, and we can even help you find a new set that’s perfect for your car.


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