Why Are My Brakes Squealing? Possible Reasons for This Common Problem

You must pay attention to your senses in order to drive safely and avoid costly breakdowns. You can tell a lot by listening to your vehicle and what it’s trying to tell you.

As you listen carefully, you may notice a squealing sound coming from your brakes. If your brakes are making squealing noises, you may start to panic, but there could be benign explanations for those unpleasant sounds. Here are some possible causes for this all-too-common problem.

The Weather Has Been Wet

If the weather has been wet and rainy, that could explain the noise your brakes are making. If the brake lining gets wet, it might make a squealing noise until it dries out, so monitor the sounds to detect if they go away after the weather dries out.

This moisture-caused squealing is more likely to happen if your vehicle has been parked outdoors, where moisture will easily accumulate. This is less of a possibility if your vehicle has been kept in the garage, but even garaged vehicles can suffer from this problem.

Your Brake Lining is Worn

The brake lining in your vehicle is designed to send you an audible signal, one you should never ignore. Even the best brake lining has a limited lifespan; when that lifespan nears its end, you will likely hear a squealing sound.

If your brakes are making a squealing noise and the sound does not go away, it’s important to ask your mechanic to check the lining. If the lining is near the end of its useful life, replacing it now will give you peace of mind and possibly prevent a costly accident.

You Just Had New Brake Lining Installed

Brake lining that is nearly worn out will send an audible signal, but even new brake lining can make noise. When the brake lining is new, it can rub against the brake components, causing a sound that should go away after a short time.

If you just had brake lining installed and it makes noise, check with your mechanic. It could just be that the lining is new and somewhat stiff — or it could signal a larger and more serious problem.

No matter what kind of vehicle you drive, you should never ignore a brake problem. If your brakes are making noise, you need to find out why and find out fast. Now that you know the possible reasons, you can work through them one by one — so drive safely and pay close attention to your ride.

Photo by BartekSzewczyk from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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